Barcelona UOC Chair in Digital Economy.


Dimmons IN3-UOC, Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa


Matchimpulsa is a transversally feminist programme to foster the digital platformization of Social and Solidarity Economy and sharing economy in the city of Barcelona. This project is part of the  Bacrelona UOC Chair in Digital Economy: For a Platform Economy focused on the people’s welfare and the right to the city, developed jointly by Dimmons IN3 UOC, the Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa. The Barcelona UOC Chair in Digital Economy purpose is to develop strategic actions, connexions, work dynamics, and instruments for public policies and cities’ ecosystems to be able to face the challenges raised by Platform Economy as well as to take advantage of the opportunities it offers through its development and its democratization based on public policies co-creation, entrepreneurship promotion and training.

This innovative programme emerged as a response to the current social crisis context resulting from the COVID19. Its purpose is to promote and to move up Social and Solidarity economy and sharing economy projects, to strengthen local networking and to accelerate digital economy as a commons in order to improve the people’s welfare and the right to the city from a feminist perspective.    

Internationalization and the gender perspective are transversal elements of Matchimpulsa. The programme is based on three strategic lines declined in nine subprograms.  

  1. Platformization: 
  • 1. Match Impulsa (+100)
  • 2. Match Impulsa (20)
  • 3. Match Impulsa (10)
  1. Creation and dynamization of strategic ecosystems: 
  • 4. Digitalization & Networking Agroecology and sustainable food ecosystem: Digital Agroecology
  • 5. Digitalization & Networking Feminist Digital Economics ecosystem: Digista.
  • 6. Reinforcement of the Barcelona sharing economy cluster (BarCola)
  1. Strategic partnerships:
  • Economic acceleration of projects
  • Revert the gender digital divide. 
  • Create Digista
  • Digitalize Agroecology ecosystem, a solid Agroecology and sustainable food network.                                                 
  • Strengthen BarCola, the Barcelona sharing economy ecosystem
  • Facilitate the digital transition of those initiatives that have needed to adopt digital tools because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Incorporate Action Research, to make open and available the knowledge generated all along the implementation of the programme through collaboration between companies and universities.
  • Support the internationalization of companies and ecosystems of Matchimpulsa.

Lead Researcher: Mayo Fuster Morell


April – December 2021