Big Data & Collaborative Economy State of the art and Data report

BigDataCollaborativeEconomyStateoftheartandDatareport 1 Big Data & Collaborative Economy State of the art and Data reportThe aim of this report is to present the current state of the art in Big Data Analysis applied to collaborative/sharing economy case studies. After some definitions, we will show some academic works, some white papers and reports, some relevant data visualizations; and finally we will wrap-up with some conclusions and opportunities in the field.

What is collaborative economy Big Data Analysis?

In our understanding, Big Data Analysis applied to Collaborative Economy, must comply with the following features:

  1. The analysis should be based upon datasets derived from user data (i.e: activity of the users inside the internet-backed system from which the particular service is provided) or aggregations based of that user-level data (e.g: system-wide transactions per time unit)
  2. The amount of data must be big enough to be considered Big Data. We are not looking here for survey-based studies, for instance. Big Data has a very elusive definition. Here we considered that if data comes from user data or their pertinent aggregation, we’re dealing with Big Data