Dimmons mission:

«Fostering socioeconomic innovation through research, methodological experimentation and action for a commons oriented society»

Action oriented: Oriented to impact action and advance change in the resolution of social challenges and  taking advances of societies opportunities.

  • Research to inform and improve the design of organizational processes, economic models, policies, legal issues and technology.
  • Economic impact of research, favouring the exploration of results and a system transition towards an economy that puts people in the center.
  • Promoting an empowering and sustainable relation with technology.

Research excellence and qualityHigh research performance, talent, and rigor.

Transdisciplinary to tackle challenges from diverse perspectives.

  • Mission oriented research more than method or disciplinary oriented.
  • Considering socioeconomic, gender, environmental perspectives.

Methodological pluralism and experimentation (intensive use of cocreation, collaborative, visual and data oriented methods). Research management innovation: exploring agile methods, mutual care and gender dynamics. 

Open knowledge

  • Lean approach, reproducibility and multi targets communication.
  • 100% publications in open access.
  • Publication of open data and research toolkits. 

Transparency: Public, transparent and accountable processes regarding partners, impact and sources of funding.

Knowledge cocreation: Openness as part of a cocreation ecosystem (versus closed group “Ivory tower style”).

  • Favoring an ecosystem of plural modes of engagement.
  • Intense efforrt dedicated to disseminate and create relations and feed community building (meetings, collaborations, events).
  • Collaborations with civil society, policy makers, economic actors and other research institutions.

Glocal: Global and local alliances, perspective and links to Barcelona, Catalonia and internationally.