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As Dimmons Research Group, we organize some events along the year, you can check.

EventDataShort description
Meetings of conversations and readings post VIII Congress of Feminist Economics: Conversation with Sasha Costanza-Chock14/07/2023A thought-provoking talk on AI governance, design justice, and systems of liberation was presented by researcher Sasha Costanza-Chock on July 14 at 6:30 PM in Barcelona. The event was part of a series following the VIII Feminist Economics Congress.
VIII Congress of Feminist Economy16/03/2023 – 18/03/2023Under the theme #Feminist #Digital #Economy, the eighth edition of the Congress of Feminist Economy, the reference meeting for the feminist economy in the Spanish language, with the participation of about 600 academics, activists, policymakers, members of the civil society, and practitioners.
Core Group, Management Committee, Working Group meetings P-WILL14/03/2023 – 15/03/2023COST Action P-WILL’s Core Group, annual Management Committee, and Working Group meetings in conjunction with the VIII Congreso de Economía Feminista (see above), with more than 40 participants from 27 countries.
Kick-off COST Action P-WILL14/09/2022 – 15/09/2022Online kick-off of the COST Action P-WILL, with the participation of the Management Committee members as well as the Scientific and Administrative Officers.
3rd Seminar – Feminist Epistemologies and Methodologies in Dialogue with Action Research and the Digital Revolution25/05/2022The 3rd Seminar on Feminist Epistemologies took place on May 25, 2022. The event featured discussions on feminist methodologies, intersectionality, and the digital revolution, serving as a precursor to the Feminist Economics Congress.
2nd Seminar – Genre of Technology and Knowledge27/04/2022The seminar on the contributions of feminism to the digital revolution was held in Barcelona, featuring talks on digital inequalities and platforms’ impact on the economy. The seminar also presented a mapping of digital economy projects in Barcelona.
1st Seminar – Perspectives and practices of feminist economics in Barcelona30/03/2022The 1st Seminar leading to the Feminist Economics Congress was held in a post-COVID context of digital acceleration and rising social inequalities. Local speakers discussed feminist views on economics, from macro to micro perspectives. The seminar also featured Amaia Perez Orozco, who outlined the history of prior feminist economics congresses.
7th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy1-3/07/ 2021Dimmons co-organisation with Business Studies of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya of the 7th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy in Barcelona.
Barcelona Digital: Presentation of DIGISTA, the space for the Barcelona Feminist Digital Economy at the 2020 Ciutat Oberta Biennial..17/10/2020Part of the Biennial Ciutat Oberta the event, called Barcelona Digital, focused on the Feminist Digital Economy in Barcelona. It featured two-panel discussions with 9 professionals and introduced DIGISTA, a space promoting feminist and intersectional qualities in the digital economy.
Sharing Cities – Seoul 202001/06/2020 – 05/06/2020In November 2020, DIMMONS hosted the 4th Sharing Cities Summit in Seoul, a virtual event that succeeded previous editions in Barcelona, New York, and Amsterdam. City leaders and experts discussed the sharing economy, especially in the context of the post-COVID-19 era.
Sharing Cities 201919/11/2019 – 21/11/2019The Sharing Cities Action Encounter 2019 took place in Barcelona, bringing together stakeholders to focus on the Platform and Collaborative Economies. The event had three main themes: Platform Labour, Inclusion & Gender, and Data Commons. The Stand Lab at the Smart City Expo hosted most activities, with 20 cities participating.
Electoral debate municipal candidates in Barcelona 201916/05/2019A debate on digital economy policies was held in Barcelona ahead of the upcoming municipal elections. Organised by the Dimmons IN3 Research Group and BarCola, it featured candidates from various parties. They discussed the development and impact of the platform and collaborative economy in the city.
Open City Bienniale– Digital & Open Knowledge Track15/10/2018 – 15/12/2018The Biennial Ciutat Oberta in 2018 aimed to discuss the future of cities in Barcelona, focusing on democracy and technology. Activities like roundtables and workshops involved citizens and experts in the dialogue. The event was coordinated by Dimmons and the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.
International Congress of Internet, Law and Politics21/06/201822/06/2018Dimmons co-organisation with Law and Political Science Studies of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Collaborative economy: Challenges and opportunities.
Seminar: Blockchain in Barcelona – Assessment of its potential for transforming the Sharing Economy towards Commons and platform-coop models16/05/2017The seminar on “Blockchain in Barcelona” was organised by Dimmons to explore blockchain’s role in the Commons Collaborative Economy and its potential impact on Barcelona. Linked to the DECODE and Col·lacy research projects, the seminar offered a platform to discuss how this technology could securely facilitate online transactions and transform the sharing economy.
Dimmons Seminar: March 27th “Governance and technology of collaborative economy: An intersection of DAOs, Commons-based communities and Platform-coops”, with Jordi Baylina and Marc Rocas27/04/2017Seminar focused on the governance and technology of the collaborative economy, exploring the intersections of Blockchain, DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations), and platform cooperatives. Hosted as part of the Col·lacy DECODE project, the seminar aimed to discuss how these technologies could foster new forms of trust, organisation, and governance in collaborative economies.
Dimmons Seminar – March 6h: Analysis of the collaborative economy from a legal perspective, with Guido Smorto06/04/2017The Dimmons seminar focused on analysing the collaborative economy from a legal standpoint. It explored the challenges and priorities facing governments due to the disruptive impact of corporate models like Uber and Airbnb, as well as the potential for economic democratisation offered by emerging models like Fairmondo or The seminar aimed to inform ongoing debates and regulatory efforts, particularly in Catalonia, and was part of a larger series organised under the Col·lacy research project and the European DECODE project.