Strategic plan 2018-2023

Strategic Planning Dimmons

Created in January 2016, is one of the ten research groups of the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3), a research center of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Dimmons group research focuses on socio economic innovation connected to digital technologies, and more concretely, on the collaborative economy and the Commons.

This is a report of the strategic planning process of Dimmons, which has been developed adopting a co-designed approach. Involving the diversity of its group’s members and network of close collaborators, as well as other representative stakeholders, the goal has been to establish the strategic objectives for the research group from 2018 to 2023. This strategic planning of Dimmons follows the previous strategic planning of the IN3 and the UOC in 2016.

The development of the co-designed process, as well as this report, has been guided by Mayo Fuster (Dimmons’s director) and it’s part of a case study developed for the PhD project of Enric Senabre on co-creation methodologies applied to research innovation. In this sense the design of Dimmons, and this strategic planning, could be conceived as a meta-research process.

Workshop sessions research team Strategic plan 2018-2023
Workshop Sessions with the research team

As a process of design and implementation of a research group in order to tackle and reflect on: “What are the organizational logics and strategies that favor the impact and resilience of research groups in a context of profound changes due to the transition to the Knowledge Society?”. We developed this approach as an action-research looking for inspiration in the precise area we are expert on: collaborative production. Thus, a secondary meta-research questions is: “How far methodological innovations on collaborative production could provide guidelines and solutions to design resilient and successful research groups today?”

The organization of this report is twofold:

  • First, a chapter presenting the state of the art on strategic planning for research and its connection with key issues in open science and transdisciplinary, as well as an explanation of the methodology adopted.
  • Secondly, a sequenced description of the strategic planning outputs, from the departing points of the group to the collaborative analysis, followed by the establishment of strategies around the agreed common goals.

Strategic Plan

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Summary Strategic Plan Dimmons 2018-2023