Equality plan

Dimmons Gender Equality Plan – How-to Undoing Gender is published as a result of the Dimmons’ Action-Research commitment with University Transformation towards a more just, egalitarian and diverse academic sphere.

The How-to Undoing Gender Dimmons includes an analysis and definition of a series of actions in the following areas:

Equality Plan Dimmons
  • Areas linked to the internal organization of the research group (group composition and distribution of roles, working conditions and professional promotion egalitarian, care plan, interpersonal communications, dynamic of internal meetings and resolution of non-sexist conflicts), 
  • Areas related to the development of the research work we do (transversally incorporating the gender perspective in the research frameworks and methodologies, equality in the sources and authorship we use, the external collaboration dynamics, results and dissemination of subjects with inclusive language, publications edited by the group and organization of seminars and events with gender parity).

Much of the elaboration of the Dimmons Gender Equality Plan has been incorporated through co-creation methodologies. We will be happy to share the experience with other groups and also encourage them to develop adapted gender equality plans for their groups.  We together can sum efforts to ensure a gender mainstreaming strategy in our research to lead us to a real transformation of our groups beyond gender inequalities.

We hope this transformation will help us to achieve a more cooperative culture and become a care orientated group.