Postdocs projects and predocs thesis

  • Postdoctoral project “Open collaborative methods for citizen ethnography: transdisciplinary co-creation exploring collective data” by Enric Senabre (2022-2025) funded by UOC Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • PhD thesis entitled “Citizens Science for Public Policy” by Anna Cigarini.
  • “Platform Work: A Holistic Analysis of Platform Business Models with a Focus on Riders’ Flexibility” by Melissa Renau, connected to the Platform Labour in Urban Spaces (PLUS) European project.
  • “Design for Policy on Housing,” Adrià Garcia’s dissertation, funded by a UOC PhD Doctoral Grant.
  • “Communication for the Commons: An Action-Research Approach to the ‘Other Economies’ in Portugal and Catalonia,” by Sara Moreira, funded by the Portuguese National Program.
  • “Sharing City and Citizen Engagement,” by Vera Vidal Beneyt, is supported by a Joan Oró grant to hire research staff in training, funded by the Government of Catalonia.
  • “Models and Public Policies to Promote Gender-Egalitarian Platforms: The Case of MatchImpulsa, a Program for the Transversally Feminist Digitalisation of the Social Economy in Barcelona,” by Núria Vega, associated with the Barcelona UOC Chair in Digital Economy.