Toolkit for the co-design of citizen-science experiments (v1.3)

Connected to Dimmons’ research line of activity around methodological experimentation, Enric Senabre has been collaborating for his PhD project with OpenSystems, a team leaded by Josep Perelló from University of Barcelona, in a series of co-design experiences in the context of the European project STEM4youth.

This collaboration has resulted in a publication analysing results from that experience in the Comunicar journal (“Participatory design of citizen science experiments”, preprint version here), coauthored with Josep Perelló and Núria Ferran-Ferrer.

In parallel to that, Enric’s work during that project has also generated a set of materials for bringing participatory design to the early definition and planning of research projects, in this case of citizen science experiments, with a multidisciplinary approach and channelling the productive dialogue between scientist and “amateur” researchers.

While the guide for using and adopting those materials is still under development, for researches interested in trying out this approach and develop similar processes, here’s a downloadable PDF version of the material: Spanish version and English version.

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