The Future of the Platform Economy and Platform Work PhD Symposium

digilabour simposyum The Future of the Platform Economy and Platform Work PhD Symposium

PhD Symposium

The Future of the Platform Economy and Platform Work

October 27-28, 2021

Free and open event


DigiLabour Research Lab, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos University)

Dimmons, IN3, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya


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October 27

08AM BRT/GMT-3 – 1 PM GMT+2 – Opening Session

Rafael Grohmann, Unisinos University

Melissa Renau Cano, Open University of Catalonia

08:15AM BRT/GMT-3 – 1:15 PM GMT+2:  Content Creation: Evidence From China, Europe, the US and West Africa 

Yin Liang (Durham University) – A typology of content creative platforms: evidence from the UK, the US and China

Jordan Duran (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) – Centering the platform in content creation: the role of monetization in creators’ relational work and identity

Tugce Bidav (Maynooth University) – Global platform, local labour: YouTube Creators in Ireland and Turkey

Godwin Simon (Queensland University of Technology) – Adapting to platform logics: platform practices among YouTube-centric Nollywood filmmakers


Taina Bucher (University of Oslo)

Arturo Arriagada (Adolfo Ibáñez University)

10:30AM BRT/GMT-3 – 3:30 PM GMT+2- Platform Work Across Different Sectors

Konstantinos Floros (IT University of Copenhagen) – Danish housecleaning platforms: producing, governing and resisting flexibility in the platform economy

Lan Li (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) – Online Freelancing for Data Scientists

Julian Posada (University of Toronto) – Support Networks in Platform Work

Pedro Veiga de Almeida (University of Massachusetts – Amherst) – Rethinking Digital Consumption

Ruth Livier Nuñez (University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA) – Injustice by Design: A Chicana/Latina feminist analysis of Amazon’s ACX labor platform


Julie Chen (University of Toronto)

Julia Ticona (University of Pennsylvania)

Maria Clara Aquino (Unisinos University)

12:30PM BRT/GMT-3 –  5:30 PM GMT+2  Gamers, Streamers, Subtitlers, and Cosplayers: Work Conditions and Platform Practices

Christine Tran (University of Toronto) – Pink-Collar playbour: the digital housework of video game livestreaming

Beatriz Blanco (Unisinos University) – Visibility labor and feminist activism among gaming streamers in Brazil

Suryansu Guha (University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA) – Scribes for hire: the work of subtitling and the changing contours of precarity in the Indian creative industries

Beatrys Rodrigues (Cornell University) – “Becoming Waifu” – Cosplayers’ commodification of digitally mediated intimacy


Michael Siciliano (Queen’s University)

Angèle Christin (Stanford University)

Adriana Amaral (Unisinos University)

3PM BRT/GMT-3– 8 PM GMT+2 – Workshop 1: Co-designed strategic planning and agile project management for PhD candidates

Enric Senabre Hidalgo (Peer-Produced Research Lab, CRI – Université Paris, Dimmons Research Group, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

October 28

08AM BRT/GMT-3  – 1 PM GMT+2 – Platform Cooperativism: current challenges in the platform economy and platform work

Chenai Chair (Mozilla Foundation), Salonie Muralidhara Hiriyur (SEWA Cooperative Federation), Denise Kasparian (University of Buenos Aires), and Vera Vidal (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya) – Building feminist platform cooperatives: initial reflections from the fields

Damion Bunders (Rotterdam School of Management) – Member participation in digital cooperatives: Silicon law of oligarchy or democratic disruptor?

Lorena Vilarins (University of Brasília) – Platform cooperativism and the challenge of confronting the hegemonic political economy

Rashid Owoyele (The Weizenbaum Institute) – Design for Economic Transformation — cooperativist futures


Francesca Martinelli (Fondazione Centro Studi Doc)

Rafael Grohmann (Unisinos University)

Monica Grau (UOC)

10:30AM BRT/GMT-3 – 3:30 PM GMT+2: Algorithmic Management and Feminist Approaches in Last-Mile Delivery and Ride-Hailing Platforms

Kalle Kusk Gjetting (Aarhus University) – Lenient algorithmic management: Ethnographic research on a food delivery platform in Scandinavia

Onat Kibaroglu (National University of Singapore) – Gojek as City

Pallavi Bansal (Erasmus University Rotterdam) – Feminist approaches to ride-hailing sector in India

Francesco Bonifacio (Catholic University, Milan) – Resistance or expertise? Reframing riders’ interaction with algorithms, exploring workers’ distinctions.


Noopur Raval (AI Now Institute, New York University)

Gavin Mueller (University of Amsterdam)

1PM BRT/GMT-3  / 6 PM GMT+2  – Workshop 2: Dissemination of Research Beyond Journals

Rafael Grohmann (DigiLabour Research Lab, Unisinos University) and Adriana Amaral (CultPop Lab, Unisinos University)

3PM BRT/GMT-3 – 8 PM GMT+2 – Closing Keynote: Lilly Irani (University of California, San Diego)

“Turkopticon: From Software to Worker Organization”

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